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The Apollo of Belvedere. Gold medal of the Vatican and the Vatican Museums. Papal Medal.


The Apollo of Belvedere (year 1995)

This gold medal of the Vatican was minted in 1995 and is the fourth in the series. Opens the second trilogy concerning the representation of the statues of classical antiquity preserved in the Vatican Museums.
The Apollo Belvedere is one of the most famous masterpieces of the Roman Empire.
Carved in the year 130 AD during the reign of Hadrian, the marble statue is believed to have been copied from an original greek bronze.

The statue is currently exposed in the Octagonal Courtyard of the Vatican Museums.
In the "straight" is represented the statue of Apollo.
The bottom of the coin reports the inscription "Apollo del Belvedere".

In the "reverse" is depicted a glimpse of the Octagonal Courtyard. On the top of the medal is written "Musei Vaticani IV" and under "Anno 1995".

35 mm.
Weight: 34 grams in 18K Karati.
Coinage: 1000 copies, each coin has its own ID number stamped on the board.
Packaging: purple leather case with golden emblem of the Vatican on the cover, wrapped in suede fabric.
Certified warranty on parchment, confirming the authenticity and the specific number that identifies the gold medal. Signed by the Cardinal Castillo Lara.
Cost: EUR 1150 - change in other currencies,
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